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We work with a limited number of searches at any one time – to allow us to focus on your needs and give you individual treatment.

Our team manages expectations, communicates with both clients and candidates.

Through our preparation, follow up, and attention to detail, the search process is well managed and designed for your success.

Preparation includes developing working with an executive sponsor from your company, and coordinating with other senior leaders as appropriate. Developing a thorough job, company and community profile. Determining appropriate competencies. Structuring a coordination plan to allow our search to seamlessly blend in with other search related activities, as appropriate.

Candidate assessment includes qualification determination, competency match, and an optional DISC evaluation.

We then follow through on presenting a slate of candidates, assisting with logistics of phone interviews and on-site visits, as well as coordinating presentation of a final offer.

After an acceptance and on-boarding our relationship is not over. We follow up with a candidate retention program ensuring both client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and continual communication.

Our network of relationships enables us to discreetly target exceptional candidates and reach out on your behalf nationally.

Together, we will achieve success!